Business Taxes


Are you a small, unsubstantial client to them or are you an important part of their business? Every client is important to us. We recognize that the success that you have achieved in your business did not come easily. You depend upon your accountants to help build upon that track record. SRI Accounting & Tax understands how important successful financial and tax strategies are to the growth of your business. We offer new ideas, creativity and a dedication to helping your business meet its goals. As we assist you, you will find that we are professionals who speak your language.

Our client service approach is simple. As a smaller firm, we can focus on active partner involvement and excellent client service, resulting in personal attention, accessibility, responsiveness, and dependability. We will call you back! We know that all the expertise in the world is meaningless unless we take the time to work closely with you, listen to you, and understand your objectives.

Most people start a business because they have a skill or an idea and a desire to work for themselves. No one starts a business to learn about payroll tax, corporate excise tax, S-Corps, LLCs or accelerated depreciation. But all these things are crucial to a small business owner.

Today, small businesses are faced with an array of complex tax obligations that include the proper preparation of the tax forms demanded by the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service can audit businesses and individuals who do not comply with tax return guidelines. Those guidelines and demands have deepened with the introduction of homeland security laws. It's important for small businesses to prepare and submit their tax returns and other accounting related documentation to IRS satisfaction.

By having SRI manage your small business accounting processes, you may avoid IRS audits and penalties which allows you to manage your business more successfully. We help you deal with the tangle of tax accounting and tax documentation and get your business organized for success.